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Mark Summary Report
The Mark Recovery Lab at the ADF&G Mark, Tag and Age (MTA) Laboratory examines salmon otoliths from commercial fisheries, test fisheries, and escapement surveys for artificially-induced marks and provides mark characteristic reports and to provide otolith mark recovery data to biologists for fishery management.

Mark Recovery by Fishery Report
The Mark Recovery by Fishery Report provides information regarding the number of otolith marked salmon recovered from Alaskan and Canadian waters in commercial, test, and other fisheries. Each summary lists the number of salmon sampled for a fishery by statistical week and provides details regarding the percentage of marked fish recovered versus unmarked fish, as well as the proportion of each unique mark identification and brood year of marked fish. These data are updated at least daily during the commercial fishing season.

Voucher Summary Report
The Voucher Summary Report provides characteristics and descriptions of marks applied to salmon otoliths by hatcheries. We examine a representative sample of otoliths from each group of marked salmon as eggs, fry, or smolt. The Mark Characteristic Report includes images of the otolith mark, measurements of the mark, and images representative of lots that do not show the proposed mark (variants).

These reports can be customized by using parameters to filter the results. You can also output the results of your report to a file and then download it. Definitions and examples of terms used on this web site and in these reports can be found in our online glossary.