Mark Recovery Laboratory


Otolith Port Sampling Manual
The Otolith Port Sampling Manual details steps to be taken to prepare otolith specimens for laboratory processing. Field collectors should follow these to ensure the successful processing and reporting of their samples.

Voucher Sampling Guidelines for Hatcheries
Guidelines for Hatchery Submissions of Vouchers.

AHRP Thermal Mark Recovery Procedures
This document describes thermal marks recovery and reading from salmon. It was written for the Alaska Hatchery Research Program (AHRP) but is applicable to most of the Mark Lab’s otolith mark recovery projects.

AHRP QA/QC Procedures
The AHRP QA/QC document describes procedures used by the Mark Lab for quality control for the Alaska Hatchery Research Program (AHRP). The Lab compares first and second reads of salmon otoliths to examine overall agreement among readers as well as agreement by individual thermal marks. Analyzing the thermal mark read results in this manner provides a method to ensure quality control among projects and a measure of accuracy of thermal mark recoveries of fish sampled for the Alaska Hatchery Research Program. These methods are similar for other projects as well.