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Use Find Voucher Information to locate details of the original marking processes done by Alaskan agencies. This report returns a list of marks that were induced, fitting the filter criteria you specify. Those items on the list for which we have detailed 'voucher' information are show as hyperlinks. Clicking a link on the list will show the Mark Characteristics for that particular marking effort, including typical images.

Use the following fields to narrow the scope of your report. Use the checkboxes to select acceptable values for each field. Leaving a given field blank (not selecting any checkboxes or not entering any text) will allow all possible values of that field to be included. When you are done, click the ''Run Report to Screen'' button at the bottom of the screen.

Brood Years:
2019  2018  2017  2016  2015  2014  2013  2012  2011  2010  2009  2008  2007  2006 
2005  2004  2003  2002  2001  2000  1999  1998  1997  1996  1995  1994  1993  1992 
1991  1990  1989  1988 

Species are highlighted by the brood year in which they were used.

Agencies are highlighted by the brood year in which they were used.

Hatch Codes Released:
Hatch Codes are highlighted by the brood year in which they were applied.
  1,2,1,2H   1,2,1,3H   1,2,1H   1,2,2,1H   1,2,2,2H   1,2,2,2nH   1,2,2H   1,2,2nH  
1,2,3H   1,2,4H   1,2n,3H   1,3,1,2H   1,3,1H   1,3,2,1H   1,3,2H   1,3,3,1H   1,3,3H  
1,3,4H   1,3H   1,3H3   1,3n,2H   1,3n,2nH   1,4,1H   1,4,3H   1,4H   1,4H3  
1,4H4   1,4n,2H   1,5,1H   1,5,2H   1,5H   1,5n,2nH   1,6,1H   1,6H   2,1,2H  
2,1,3H   2,1H   2,2,1H   2,2,2H   2,2,3H   2,2,4H   2,2H   2,2H3   2,2H3,3  
2,2H4   2,2H5   2,2n,3H   2,3,1H   2,3,2H   2,3,4H   2,3H   2,3H1,3   2,3H2,2  
2,3H2,4   2,3H3   2,3H3,3   2,3H4   2,3H4,2   2,3H5   2,3n,1H   2,3n,2H   2,3n,3H  
2,3n,4H   2,3nH   2,4,2H   2,4H   2,4H3   2,4H4   2,4nH   2,5H   2,5H3  
2,5nH   2,6H   2-2H   2-4H   2/1H   2/2H   2/2nH   2H   2H1  
2n,2n,2H   2n,3H   3,1,2,1H   3,1,3H   3,1,3H3   3,1,4H   3,1,4nH   3,1H   3,2,1H  
3,2,2H   3,2,3H   3,2,4H   3,2,5H   3,2H   3,2H2   3,2H2,2   3,2H2,4   3,2H3  
3,2H4   3,2H5   3,2n,1H   3,2n,2H   3,2n,2H3   3,2n,2nH   3,2n,2nH3   3,2n,4nH   3,2nH  
3,2wH   3,3,1H   3,3,1H4   3,3,2H   3,3,3H   3,3,5H   3,3-3nH   3,3H   3,3H2  
3,3H3   3,3H4   3,3H5,2   3,3n,1H   3,3nH   3,4,1H   3,4,1H2   3,4,1H4   3,4,1H6  
3,4,2H   3,4,3H   3,4H   3,4H2   3,4H3   3,4nH   3,4nH2   3,5,3H   3,5-4H  
3,5H   3,5nH   3,5nH4   3,6,1H   3,6H   3,6nH   3,7H   3-1H   3-2H  
3-2H5   3-4H   3/2H   3/2H2   3/2H4   3/3H   3H   3H2,2   3H3  
3H3,3   3H3/2   3H4   3H5   3H6   3H7   3n,1,2nH   3n,2,2H   3n,2,2n,2H  
3n,2,2nH   3n,2H   3n,2n,3H   3n,3H   3n,4,3H   3n,4,4nH   3n,4H   3n,5H   4,1,2,1H  
4,1,2H   4,1,3H   4,1H   4,2,1H   4,2,2H   4,2,2H2   4,2,2H3,2   4,2,2H4   4,2,2H4n  
4,2,3H   4,2,4H   4,2H   4,2H5   4,2n,1H   4,2nH   4,3,1H   4,3,2H   4,3,3H  
4,3H   4,3H4   4,3nH   4,3nH3   4,4,2H   4,4,3H   4,4H   4,4H2   4,4H3  
4,4H3,2   4,4H4   4,4H4n,2   4,4n,3H   4,4nH   4,5H   4,5H6   4,6H   4,6nH  
4,7H   4-1H   4-4H   4/2H   4/4H   4H   4H2   4H2,2   4H3  
4H3,3   4H4   4H5   4H5n   4H6   4n,2,2nH   4n,2H   4n,2n,2H   4n,3,2n,1H  
4n,3,2nH   4n,3,3nH   4n,3H   4n,4H   4nH3   5,1,2H   5,1H   5,2,3H   5,2H  
5,2nH   5,3,3H   5,3H   5,3H3   5,3nH   5,3nH5   5,4H   5,4H4,3   5,4nH  
5,5H   5,5H3   5,5nH   5,6nH   5H   5H2,2   5H3   5H3,3   5H4  
5H5   5H6   5n,2H   5n,3H   5n,4-4nH   5n,4H   5nH3   5nH4   6,1H  
6,2H   6,2H3   6,2nH   6,3,2H   6,3,2nH   6,3H   6,3H3   6,4H   6,5nH  
6H   6H3   6H3,3   6H4   6H5   6H5n   6H6   6nH   7,3H  
7,4H   7H   7H3   7n,3H   8,2H   8H   8H2   8H3   8H4  
8H5   8n,2H   8nH   9H   H1,3   H1,4   H1,4n   H1-1,3,2/4   H2  
H2,1,2   H2,2   H2,2,2   H2,3   H2,3,2   H2,3,2,2   H2,3,2,3   H2,4   H2,4/4,2  
H2,5   H2-2   H2-3   H2-4   H2-4-2   H2-5-3   H2/2   H2/2,3/4   H2/2/2  
H2/2/2/2   H2/2/4   H2/3   H3   H3,1   H3,1,3   H3,1,4   H3,2   H3,2,3  
H3,2,3,2   H3,2,4   H3,2n,3   H3,2n,3n   H3,2n,4   H3,3   H3,3,2   H3,3,3   H3,3n,3,5  
H3,3n,3n,5   H3,4   H3,4,1   H3,4,2   H3,4,3   H3,5   H3-4   H3/2   H3/3  
H3/3,2   H3n   H4   H4,2   H4,2n,3   H4,2n,3,5   H4,3   H4,3,2   H4,3n,4,5  
H4,4   H4-2   H4-4   H4/4   H4/4,2   H4n   H5   H5,1   H5,3  
H5,3n   H5-2   H5-3   H5-4   H5/4   H5n   H6   H6n   H7  
H7,2   H7,3   H8   H9   H9,1   H9,2   HS1  

Hatch Codes assigned, not Released:
1,2,3H3   1,2n,1,1H   1,2n,3H3   2,2H2,2   3,1,2H   3,1,3-3H   3,2,6H   3,4,1H2,3   3n,3n,3H  
4,2,2H2,3   4,2,2H4,4n   4,4H2,3   4,4H6   4n,2n,2H3   6n,4H   7H4   H2,1,3   H3,2,1  

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