Tag Lab


Tag reports provide access to all release data that has been collected for anadromous salmon released along the west coast of North America since 1968. Tag reports also provide access to Alaskan sampling information of coast wide CWT releases. Since 1976, millions of salmon have been sampled on the spawning grounds and in commercial, cost recovery, and sport fisheries. Tag reports can be customized by selecting filters to extract specific release and sampling data.

My Taglab is an application that provides users with the ability to save customized reports. Before using My Taglab for the first time, you will need to create an account with a valid email address. Follow the link to get started. Throughout our website you will find many codes or terms that relate to CWT data. If you find any of these terms confusing, please refer to our glossary for detailed explanation. Also, feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns related to our data or the website.

Release reporting has moved! The My FISH (Fisheries Information System Home) has been setup to integrate many hatchery related reporting features, including salmon, trout, and arctic grayling release reporting. Even if you are not reporting on behalf of a hatchery, this site will be your location for all tagged and untagged release reporting. To use the site you must create an account which is linked from the My FISH Sign On page and available here.