CWT System Update Announcements

Updated: 1/23/2018
A new report has been released, the Contribution Summary Report lists the total contribution of each unique tag code by fishery and preferred expansion strata. Use this report whenever you want to know the total contribution from a particular state, agency, facility, release group, or release site to any or all sampled fisheries.
Updated: 1/1/2018
The CWT lab has removed expansion calculation where sub-sampling for Double Index Tags of not clipped fish has been conducted. The Commercial Harvest Expansion report has been updated to no longer report sub sampling rates and electronic expansion factors. As a consequence of this action, not clipped recoveries in Agency, Recoveries by Fishery, and other tag recovery based reports will no longer be reported with an expansion factor. Please call the CWT lab at 907-465-3483 for further information.

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